Kathy Dee Zasloff is the founder of The Gluten Free Neighborhood and author of the Beyond Gluten Free blog. Diagnosed with Celiac Disease as an infant, she has first hand experience with the effects of gluten on the human system through all stages of life. As medical testing standards for Celiac Disease have changed over the last 10 years, she suddenly found herself among a growing class of people who do not test positive for Celiac Disease and are gluten intolerant.

Zasloff’s rich personal history in public and community health education, community affairs, mediation and production has honed her uncanny ability to bring together diverse groups of people to generate positive solutions. Her innovative approach and pioneering spirit now fuels the revolution toward a delicious lifestyle beyond gluten.  Zasloff collaborates with acclaimed chefs developing new educational programs to train professional chefs in the cooking techniques to prepare appetizing gluten free meals.  Zasloff’s formal and self taught culinary education as well as her engaging teaching style invites exploration in the tasty territory of cooking without and beyond the use of gluten.