David Lebovitz, an American baker living in Paris, posted this morning on his FB page about the Borders book store closing.  There is no doubt about it:  this latest development in how the book industry is dealing with the challenges of digital verses dead trees is a serious issue.  And, in thinking about my venture into writing books, I am convinced that going digital is perfect for me.  But, (as Mark Bittman is fond of saying) that’s another story.

I share my post on David’s FB page because I think it is another example of how our terrain is changing.

“I have been having trouble reading for several years now. Besides the fact that most print stuff is in Serif type…which makes translation for the brain harder than easier, I can no longer follow the ants walking across the page…SO…when I finally got my digital reader device I felt like I was in heaven and am back on the road of reading enjoyment…especially all my favorite cook books.

The issues the book industry are facing remind me of phrases like, “NO…I’m not gonna get one of those new fangled refrigerators…what’s wrong with ice boxes?”  The good news is we are witnessing the shift.  Shift happens.

What is important to me is that we maintain our focus on that fact that ALL of those people in the print industry are, hopefully,  shifting with their industry.  How many hands and/or people touched that book that won’t be on the shelf at Borders?

So, while many of the familiar anchors in the Middle East are moving around, back home we are experiencing shifts too.  Bruce Damer,  once told me that it is important to build some sort of supporting structure around the fragile structures that are disintegrating rather than tear them down and try to build anew.   Bruce is a leading expert about the subject of avatars as well as a philosopher and inventor.

I have been challenging myself to pay really, really close attention as shift happens because I believe that paper books are potentially like ice boxes, something that no one could imagine could or will disappear.