Add these to my existing dreams:

  • I have a dream that Weight Watchers will offer a gluten free alternative to their meals and recipes.
  • I have a dream that everyone will understand how important it is to be gluten free. So that means that people who can’t afford the tests, don’t know about the tests, don’t eat organic, don’t have the money to eat organic and are not in the pathway of the information that would let them know they could be healthier if they drastically reduced the amount of gluten in their diets.
  • I have a dream that people will come to know that gluten free means healthy food and not food for sick people..
  • Many of my friends and people I talk to are hesitant to eat gluten free food because they think it doesn’t taste good…well some of that is true…a lot of gf food doesn’t taste good. However, there are more and more products that taste better and better.
  • A friend of mine tasted my Madeleine cakes and in the same breath said, It doesn’t matter that these are gf. THEY ARE DELICIOUS…so I’ll just tell my kids they are gluten free and that way they won’t touch them.