Plastic Is Forever
Mask Artist:  Kathy Dee
Materials: Marine Garbage = St. Croix, VI 2009
Photogrpahy:  Dorothy Kristen

Garbage Patches, Gyres and Marine Debris

Thanks for stopping by.  I will continue to tell the story of gabage patches, marine debris, plastic entering our food chain and any other related issues that arise.  I believe that plastic in our environment in a pernicious & persistent problem AND a major public health issue.

This site is a developing resource for the unfolding story of marine debris, plastic, the pioneers in this field and current news.

My experiences over the last year have prompted me to create this site so I can share what I am learning about marine debris and our health.

Sept. 2, 2009
Portland, OR


The Story Through Links & Resources

Listed below are the links that tell the unfolding story of the Pacific North West Garbage Patch, Gyres and Marine Debris.  I have been learning about this issue over the last year.  There is clearly more and more compelling evidence that marine garbage and...


I've found a few useful terms I've had to learn as this story has been unfolding.  There may be more.  I'll keep you posted. Flotsam and Jetsam - Yes, this is a real term. Great Pacific Garbage Patch Marine Debris Nurdle Oceanic Gyre