A Gluten Free Tasting


Cooking Classes

Jan & Feb, 2009

Asheville, NC

We are proud to offer two ways to learn about gluten free cuisine.

Through A-B Tech’s continuing education program,

the GF Neighborhood will offer two ways to experience cooking gluten free.

Immerse yourself and friends in a GF tasting with our Immersion session.


for 3 sessions, join our instructors and learn how to create new and delicious recipes

that will satisfy people who like to eat good food

and it will all be gluten free.


You can read about registration options online at AB Tech’s website here:

To register online you’ll need the secret class codes:

The January Gluten Free Immersion Tasting event: CSP-4148-176


Gluten Free and Beyond: New and Tasty Options for Cooking and Living Gluten Free: CSP-4146-175

To see the class descriptions go to


and scroll down to the “G.” The classes are listed alphabetically.

If you’re new to AB Tech you’ll need to set up a user account before you can register.

That takes 24-48 hours for them to process.

You can also mail, fax or walk in your registration at the Asheville Campus.

To receive a flyer for more information please email

gfneighborinfo (at) gmail (dot) com – Just substitute the @ sign and a “.” in the appropriate place.