Welcome to Connecting the Blips.

The short version of why connect the blips? Well, truth be told, any domain remotely related to connecting a dot was taken. So this is the next best thing.

I often struggle to make sense of “stuff” in my life. I generally do not believe in accidents, and for me a coincidence is when two things occupy the same space. When they coincide.

I used to doodle these intricate border designs in school that were made of dots and flowers and when I could, gold lines. They very remotely reminded me of what priests used to do on religious texts. I loved doing them. They gave me great peace of mind.

This blog is my way of making connections between what often appear to be disconnected experiences in my life. The more dots I connect, the more peace of mind I feel.



Shift Happens

David Lebovitz, an American baker living in Paris, posted this morning on his FB page about the Borders book store closing.  There is no doubt about it:  this latest development in how the book industry is dealing with the challenges of digital verses dead trees is a...

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Hoist the Anchor … Move the Anchor

My last post here was about how I perceived the movement of cultural anchors in my life.  From my point of view, they were either being hoisted or relocated:  some gone, some moved.  There were enough of them moving around the first time I posted that I felt it was...

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Anchors Away

When I got my Bachelors degree at 50, one of my final projects was a photo essay called: "story-telling itself."  I believe that stories tell themselves when we get out of the way and let them flow. Recently, I have been keeping track of this particular story that is...

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Getting It In Stereo

I decided to move to Portland, OR after a wonderful visit in 2004. I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and Portland, in particular. A friend of mine suggested that I come and visit after a conference I was attending in Denver. Because Denver is much closer to...

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